Friday, August 12, 2011

get a light.

i saw two clients yesterday. the first one was a bodybuilder. it was like rubbing a bunch of smooth large rocks. he had a giant dick: HUGE. kind of a lot of work. but he was nice. the second one seemed REALLY GAY. like, extreeeeeeeeemely gay. i couldn't understand what he was doing there. he was sweet and gentle. when he came, he cried. it felt a touch too intimate. i don't think i'll see him again.

then i biked home and realized i didn't have my bike light. it was dark. scary. i should have left my bike and taken a cab. silly girl. this super butch lady passed me in the bike lane and dished out some tough love: "are you TRYING to DIE?!" she screamed. "because i'll tell ya, CUPCAKE: you don't GLOW in the DARK!" i was like, "i know. thanks. uhh..." and she yelled over her shoulder, "GET A LIGHT!!!"

i will. get a light. or, better yet: A CAR.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

haiku for a sexy chiropractor

hugging adjustment
so good. my back: crack crack crack.
stomach: butterflies