Wednesday, June 25, 2014

redbook got seized by the fbi!!! wtf

"HOLY SHIT. well i am going down to cali tomorrow and i was gonna work a little bit while i'm there. i went to update my massage ad and here's at what i see:

the escort website i usually post on has been seized by the FBI. this is so sad for many reasons. 

first of all, all the reviews all of the girls have accrued over the years are just completely gone. also, it is extremely inadvisable to keep escort numbers in your phone, same goes for clients. so this website is where someone would reference real quick to find my number. and now it's gone.

second of all, it was THE MAIN / ONLY free site. i personally can afford to take out an expensive ad elsewhere, but what will this mean for girls who have less resources? you have to have a credit card to advertise on the other main site. a lot of sex workers who advertise on redbook might not have credit cards. they might not even have ID. this is gonna mean a lot more sex workers will have to hit the streets, which is dangerous. i'm so, so, soooo glad that massage isn't my only source of income anymore. if this had happened before i moved, i would have been SO BEYOND SCREWED. no pun intended. i mean it.

i looked around and was able to find this article about it.

the "reasons" for persecuting sex workers seems to always be these "trafficked children." but the statistics that the FBI provides are super fake. just totally fabricated.

i read another article on and this was one of the comments in the comments section, goes a little haywire at the end, but the numbers are right on:

"According to the FBI and the victim pimp organization Polaris Project, there are between 100,000 to 300,000 NEW minors being trafficked into prostitution every year- and these liars also claim that the average lifespan of a prostitute is about 5 to 7 years, meaning that if there are 100,000 new ones each year coming in, there are 500,000 existing victims (if 5 years is our lifespan) and 700,000 existing victims if it is 7 years and there are only 100,000…. multiply those numbers by 3 and that's what they claim are being trafficked every year… and YET, they manage to find a mere 168 in a week, in 106 cities using how many agents to rescue them? Last year, it was 76 cities, 105 rescues, 3,900 agents- so that is hmmm…. 37 agents per child rescued, 1.4 victims per city, which shows that either the cops are incredibly inept OR the Polaris Project and other abolitionists are LIARS… and if the cops are able to find victims by referencing the websites, WHY WOULD THEY CLOSE THEM DOWN, rather than continue to monitor them and rescue those they find online? Because it is ALL BS… ALL OF IT- there are MORE COPS who rape minors than who are 'rescued' every year through this 'operation BS" - oops, I mean- 'operation cross country'… search for PEDOPHILES AND CHILD PORN- THE COPS, JUDGES, DAs, FBI AGENTS, SECRET SERVICE AGENTS AND OTHER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO CAN'T KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF MINORS to see the long and horrific list of cops who rape minors…."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

peepshow on a boat!

a friend of mine is producing this event in san francisco this weekend. looks so rad! a floating peepshow.