Monday, November 16, 2015

helloooooooooo is this thing on?

hi!! i don't know if anyone will see this, since i stopped writing here over a year ago.

here's what happened: i got super extremely depressed and couldn't/didn't write at all for several months. then my computer died. and then i got a new one, and i was feeling better and wanted to update this blog, but i couldn't remember my sign-in info. any of it. i mean it was just POOF gone from my mind. i hadn't needed to sign in for over a year, bc i just stayed signed in on the old computer. so. that was it. i felt pretty badly about it, i was like, "people who used to read my blog probably think i died or something." and THEN the new computer got submerged in water. and while it's being repaired (i hope they can fix it!!) i was like, "hmmm maybe i can get that old beast to turn on." i had tried this here and there over the last year, and it was always unresponsive, or else would turn on but would turn off before i could do anything useful. welp, today i tried turning it on, and not only did it purr right to life, but it still hasn't shut itself off, and i've been typing this to you for at least 10 minutes. ALSO, i was still signed in to blogger.


i don't actually have any story ideas for right this minute, but i'm gonna create a new login situation that i can write down and have, and then maybe tomorrow i'll tell some highlights from this past year.

yayyyyyy xo andi