Friday, June 1, 2012

a guy came into my work today and goes, "do you remember me?"

i felt as though i had never seen him before in my life. "oh totally," i said.

"well so i saw it today! it's out! on the newsstand! although i saw it at the library," he said. his thick louisiana accent was ringing some bells, but was it just that he reminded me of sookie's brother on true blood?

i racked my brain. whaaaaaaat. what what. finally, i had to confess. "i don't know what you're talking about."

"wow! see that's how cool you are. just doing so many cool things you can't even keep track of all of them. but i never done anything this big, so you can believe i'd remember if MY pictures were in _____ magazine."

then i remembered. i had met the guy at work several months ago when i was delirious from having stayed up all night finishing some historical costumes for a spread in a fancy magazine. (i wish i could tell you what it was, because it's pretty awesome. but alas, anonymity calls.) anyway i had forgotten this was the month the issue came out.

"wow! i forgot! i wanna see it."

he goes, "i'll go down the street to the bookstore and get one for you. do you have six bucks?"

i gave him the money, trusting he'd come back. he seemed pretty earnest.

i kept dancing, and wouldn't you know it, here he comes about an hour later with the magazine. so exciting! we sat at the bar looking through it and he shared my outrage at not being credited for my work.

i said, "wow, i'm really stoked and surprised you remembered. thanks for coming in."

he goes, "well i called to see when you were working. i couldn't remember your name so i asked what the girl's name was who was not very tall, dark hair, bright outfits, real slender, and looks like susan sarandon, and right away they were like, oh that's andi." what a cute description.