Sunday, May 1, 2011

oh saturday.

what IS IT with the wildly rude dykes lately? last night i had the worst one EVER. i think she must've been in a blackout. nobody could be that rude if they were actually inhabiting their body and mind in real-time. this lady was about 45, she came in with a couple of guy friends of mine from waaaaay back. they didn't know i was working, it was a nice surprise to see them until their bratty friend piped up. she was sitting at the rack, running her fingers through her silver hair instead of tipping, and going "I'M BORED! WHY ARE THESE GIRLS ALL SO BORING?!" she was being so loud and so disgruntled and my friends weren't ushering her away or anything. it was very obnoxious all around. i said to her, "what a bummer that you're shackled to that chair. it must suck to be terribly bored and yet UNABLE TO LEAVE." it seemed to occur to her, then, that she could leave. so she did. with some parting words for the whole club, "THIS IS ALL SO BORING! YOU ARE ALLLLL BOOOORING!"

it really sucks how when my boss is working, you can't tell people to fuck off.

there were lots of other assorted girls last night. most were rad, but i dislike when gaggles of girls from pole-dancing classes come in and critique your moves amongst themselves. i'm like, "go home and give your husband a lapdance."

this guy i have been playing "words with friends" (iphone scrabble) with came in and got some dances. he has kicked my ass 5x in a row, so it was a little hard to be sweet to him. i just pretended he was a random customer, instead of a random customer who keeps beating me at scrabble. to his credit, he didn't act smug at all, just happy to see me.

well. it's sunny out! for once! i'm going to lay in the park all day and do nothing. xo

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  1. Andi - just wanted to say that I've just ready your blog from start to finish, and enjoyed it very much!

    Keep your chin up, the clubs are starting to get a little busier now...:)