Tuesday, May 11, 2010


(this is from monday. i thought i had published it, but i guess i had just saved it as a draft.)

whoa. today was a long-ass day. i worked a double, and since there are only two girls at a time at my club, you're on stage for half the time you're there. so i was dancing for 5 hours, which sounded like a fine idea before i did it but ended up being super exhausting. i used to work really long shifts at a big-hustle club down south but it was different because you'd just be trawling around and sitting with guys and getting up on stage hardly ever since there were so many girls. that was tiring, but in a different way.

i didn't make the kind of money i had anticipated for such a long shift, but i did okay. i guess. i mean, it could definitely have been worse. i ended up leaving with $400, which is definitely more than you'd make at most jobs. so okay whatever.

a birthday party of nerds came in for lunch, that was nice. they seriously looked like they had walked off the set of revenge of the nerds. or maybe "office space." it was fun dancing for the birthday boy because he so thoroughly enjoyed himself and was too shy to get grabby or demanding. he kept saying "wow." i wondered whether he might be a virgin. i couldn't picture what a girlfriend of his would possibly look like. i hope that doesn't sound mean, i mean i think even the nerdiest, most painfully awkward nerd is deserving of love and human companionship, and i HOPE he has dates, but i just CANNOT picture who they would be.

some good-looking plumber brothers came in. they were going through concurrent divorces. what i mean is that each is going through his own divorce, right now. they wanted to talk about that a lot. i gave them each a dance and they were chatty as hell. the older of the two complained that his wife of 29 years hadn't put out in 14 months. he's 49, been married since he was 20, and is really hung up on all the numbers involved. 29, 20, 14, 49. he said after about 10 months of the dry spell, his brother had given him some dvd's to watch to provide him with some "relief." this was a new thing for him, he claims to never have needed to jerk off before that. WELL THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, dude! your wife is probably tired of putting out every time you have a sexy thought. anyway the wife found the porno in the dvd player and that was the last episode before the season finale entitled "divorce!"

the whole time this guy was talking, i had two thoughts in my head, on repeat: 1. why are you telling me al this, and 2. could you please stop, you're depressing me.

the brothers got good and liquored up and just when they seemed ready to pass out from booze and over-sharing, they announced it was time to drive back to walla walla. great. lovely to picture them wasted behind the wheel of their monster truck. rad.

i had one really great customer who tipped me twenties on stage and didn't want any dances, just liked sitting with me. i liked him even before he started tipping because he reminded me of philip seymour hoffman. a little bit creepy and geeky, but also kind of interesting and hot.

the rest of the day is sort of a haze. i got a little tipsy with the philip seymour hoffman guy and then it was finally time for me to get off work. my friend came to get me for a dinner date. we both felt grody and haggard. she had just finished a shift in the new seasons deli so she was greasy. we wanted to go somewhere where you sit down and someone brings you something to eat and you don't see anyone you know. we went to the doug fir, it was nearby and felt super random. well there was some show going on that a million people we know were at. great. the first person we saw was my friend's #1 crush. i thought that was pretty funny, but my friend was mortified. i said, "at least you got that promotion from the dish-pit. you'd be much more bummed if you saw her after that." she agreed that that was one good thing.

after that i came home and went straight to bed even though it was only 11pm.

i'm working again this afternoon. i hope i make some $$$ even though it's sunny and warm out.

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  1. Two plumbers from Walla Walla? How interesting. I am from Walla Walla and just found your blog. Super intriguing writing, thanks for sharing!