Monday, January 24, 2011


i was going through old photos in a shoebox and here's one from when i first started dancing. i feel like my body looks almost the same as it did 9 years ago, which is kind of rad. except my tits are a tiny bit bigger now. as you can see
<------- they used to be as small as a boy's.

so. hmmm. what else can i tell you. i worked last night and it was pretty dead. i made $200 all night. could've been worse, sure, but it was still somewhat disappointing, especially since last sunday i made about triple that.

i liked the girls last night, though. that's always good.

a guy pissed me off really bad right when i got to work, which can sort of color things for the rest of the night, y0u know? i was chatting with him and he offered to buy me a drink. i told him i wanted a vanilla vodka and soda water. he was like, "what?! pick a real cocktail." i said, "well i didn't realize that if you were paying for it that meant you got to choose." he goes, "well now you know. what do you want. BESIDES that froofy shit?" i said, "thanks anyway."

in the words of stephanie tanner, "HOW RUUUUDE." not that i have to justify myself, here, but i'll go ahead and do it anyway: i like to start off with something sweet, it's a treat that says to me, "yes, you are at work. but work can be fun!" and it's not like i drink ten of those. i'm a two cocktail sort of girl, three MAX and that's if i'm getting wild. and anyway WHOOOO CARES? i can drink what i want. fuck off.

i don't think guys realize this, but often times when they are super rude in front of other people, it doesn't SHAME the stripper as they intended, but, rather, the opposite occurs wherein gentlemanly bystanders feel bad for the poor lil thing and end up lavishing her with cocktails and attention. and shaming the asshole dude. which is what happened last night. the guy felt uncomfortable after this other customer told him off so he ended up leaving. good riddance.

PETTY BULLSHIT. okay? and usually i wouldn't have cared but once in a while, when i have PMS, peoples' rudeness touches a nerve.

then i danced for a while for an old lecherous dude from dallas. he kept trying to kiss me, it was so gross. i don't even MIND random kisses here and there but not on my MOUTH. and also not on my arm. i've got this sweet little spot on my arm where i liked to be kissed during sex times, and this old creep sniffed that out right away. his plump wet sausagey lips on my arm just about gagged me. i wanted to punch his lights out. even now, recounting it, my stomach is turning. blech.

and then i danced for a cute hipster guy who was kinda hot. that was nice.

after that i hardly sold any dances. but i had a library book. the end.

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