Monday, April 25, 2011

a tale of two dykes

dykes are just like everybody else: sometimes they are awesome customers, sometimes they suck. last night i had one of each.

first was the bummer one. she looked like the poet eileen myles, except not hot. same hairdo, she was even wearing clothes that eileen would wear, like plain well-made clothes that fit nicely and feature some subtle bit of flair. so as you could imagine, i was hopeful at first. but this woman turned out to be a pain in the ass. first of all, she didn't tip even one dollar during her THREE HOURS sitting in the club. she just sat against the back wall with a lascivious grin on her face the whole time, and whenever she'd get up to pee or just take a tour, she'd walk past the stage and say things like, "oh the things i'd do to you...." so. all of that was fine, whatever. but the thing the kept doing that was really annoying was that she'd zero in, try with intensity to achieve eye contact, and then make this spinning motion with her index finger, indicating that she'd like to see more pole tricks. i imagined her making similarly master-ish hand motions when she wanted her dog to roll over, and i made a mental note to not even do ONE pole trick as long as she sat there. but then i was bored and i forgot and did a couple, and she hooted and hollered, "that's what i'm talking about!" and then i remembered to be sure and keep both heels on the floor for the rest of the night. FUCK OFF.

the other dyke came in as the first one was leaving. she was with a sweet hipster boy who pops in sometimes. he checks the club's website to see when i'm working, which i think is cute. anyway his lezzie friend wasn't hot, but was a great customer. sat at the rack for a long while, tipping fives and saying how pretty my hair is, and what well-defined calf muscles i have. i'm not mad when people pay me sweet/odd compliments, particularly when they're paired with $. when i wasn't on stage, she came over to me at the bar and goes, "wow! you're tiny in real life." that struck me as so funny. i got this image in my mind, like the stage is a little diorama tv set where i'm a giant dancing doll, but then when i climb out of there, i'm my tiny self again. that kept me entertained for the rest of the night, actually, climbing in and out of my tv set dollhouse stage.

well, so long for now. i'm gonna go buy some new shoes! it's almost summer!

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