Monday, December 12, 2011


last night there were a lot of solo businessmen who wanted dances: my kind of night. i love when i can make the same amount of money just kind of lolling around lazily on stage and doing a lot of mellow lapdances as i'd make busting my ass putting on a show and dealing with drunk crowds.

at the end of the night the place had pretty much emptied out when two college-aged dude-bro's came in dressed in head-to-to abercrombie & fitch. one was tall, the other short. they were horsing around, hugging on each other, and the short one kept picking up the tall one, then dropping him. they sat down at the rack and were basically canoodling and out-tipping each other. one would tip a dollar and say to me, "wow you're really hot!" and then the other one would go, "yeah! totally!" and put down a 5. it escalated from there. i couldn't tell whether they were gay, or just deep in the throes of an epic bromance. either way, i really liked them.

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