Tuesday, July 31, 2012

rape vibes

i had a majorly creepy client today. when i checked his references, the girls both said he was fine. one did mention that he was "very...eccentric," but she also said he was safe and polite, so i felt ok seeing him.

he was late. and then he started talking and did not stop for the whole hour. he wanted to know what my fantasies are. i told him mine were a little boring lately, but that i would love to hear about his. he said he has really wild ones, very taboo. "teacher and student stuff," he said (which is hardly taboo. but let's go with it). so we talked about that for a while, what he'd do to me if i were his student, etc. then he said, "are you sure you don't want to share your darkest fantasies with me? i might be able to help you with them."


"another girl i was seeing, for example," he said, "had a very twisted fantasy. a RAPE fantasy." dramatic pause. "she'd been wanting to act it out for years, but really needed to find the right man for the job. she needed someone strong, powerful." another pause. "i was able to help her realize her fantasy. it was quite fulfilling for us both."

i hugely doubted that a massage girl would ASK this dude to rape her. or to faux-rape her. or any of it. i didn't even want to start thinking about whether this rape had happened in any way. the whole "she WANTED me to rape her" thing is never something you want to hear from a strange man with whom you're naked in a small room. and with whom you have no desire to have sex.

i felt creeped out. i knew he was trying to shock me, and maybe even to scare me. but i just acted like everything was fine and finished the massage. he kept asking me to do extra things, like would i blow him for more money, and could he get on top of me, i told him i wasn't into it. i was so glad to see him leave, and i put him in my phone as a "NO/don't see."

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