Monday, February 11, 2013

mini (working) vaycay

i needed a little trip (and also i had some work planned for my other occupation that i've mentioned to you, but that i don't want to tell you about because it ruin any semblance of anonymity i've managed to maintain in this little blog), so i went down south on friday. i was going to stay a few nights with a friend, but i texted her the night before i left, and she said she was having a crisis and i couldn't stay there. i could've checked with a couple other people, but i don't like asking to stay at someone's house last minute. it feels rude. also i just don't like needing things from people, or asking for things, it feels vulnerable especially when the answer might be "no."  i was stressed out for a minute, but then i decided to just get over it, and i booked a hotel on travelocity. i hate cheap hotels so i got a decent four-star for two nights, which was $300. i had promised myself a bit of shopping, but there went the money i'd set aside, so i decided to put my ad up and see some clients.

the first one was an australian guy with the understated, yet entitled, swagger of the grown up rich kid. he was young-ish and conventionally attractive, with dark curly hair and perfectly straight white teeth bearing the stamp of top notch orthodontia. he was nice enough, but kind of smug in the way that guys who know they're handsome can be sometimes. like you should be super stoked that they are blessing you with their presence. hard to describe unless you've been a ho, but guys like that will always mention to you on the phone that they are "good looking," or "fit and attractive." OR they will send you a picture. like what's the desired response here? do some girls see them for free? or offer a "hot guy discount"? this is not a dating site, i don't need your picture.

i definitely like when guys are well groomed and being hot can be a bonus for sure, but when a guy acts like a conceited jerk, i usually don't find them hot. i am nice to all my clients, and i try to find some attractive thing about every one of them. i'm not nicer to good-looking guys, i am nicer to NICE GUYS. some of my most fun sessions have been with guys who weren't super handsome, but were respectful and had a sexy charm.

so. anyway, this aussie guy wasn't a huge jerk or dangerous,  but he wasn't fun. he was grabby and a little more aggressive than i prefer. oh, and he was shocked and offended that i didn't want him to go down on me. "you don't know what you're missing," he said in a superior, pitying tone. oh well, my loss.

my next client was a guy i've seen before, one of my only black clients. he's a super mellow, especially for a lawyer. he's sweet and really easy, i'm always glad when he calls.

so then i had money again and i didn't feel stressed about shopping. i got some really cute stuff. not very many things, as i'm going more for quality than quantity these days. and i slept late in the fancy bed. and read in the tub, and went and did my other job, and then laid in bed some more and watched the charlie brown valentine's special. and went out for a couple walks in the sun. it was very nice.

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