Thursday, May 9, 2013

this is from last month. i forgot to post it.

as a reader of my blog, you know that a lot of weird things happen at work all the time. but here's a new one.

i met this cute person several years ago, but i had a girlfriend and so did she, so it was just like, "hey that person is cute. the end." and then i didn't see her again for several years, until a few weeks ago when we were both at the same party. he (is using a male pronoun now) looked just as cute as ever. cuter, even. and is recently single. we danced and chatted, and had some fun makeouts that night, and we exchanged numbers. this person, let's call him "A," lives a few hours away, and was just in town for the night. we texted back and forth all through next week, pretty flirty, and decided we'd have a date weekend in a few weeks. so that was something cute to look forward to.

well the next weekend four friends were visiting from california, and two of them were girls i've worked with, doing sexy massage. they texted to say they were gonna come in and say hi to me at work. totally natural since we're friends and since we are all sex industry types. i was excited to see them, but when they arrived, they also had "A" with them. turns out one of them was on a DATE with him.

i was really really surprised to see A, and even more surprised that he'd come into my work on a date with one of my good friends. i wasn't bothered that they were on a date, good for them, but i was bothered that A didn't feel like i was worth even a quick 2 second text to make sure it was ok to come to my workplace on a date with another girl, while i'm stuck there and naked. i had really thought that the first time we saw each other naked we'd be on a date---WITH EACH OTHER.

i was happy to see my friends, and they all came up to the tip rack and were super fun and in a great party mood, but A just hung out at a table at the very back of the club, looking bored. it was awkward. and also kind of infuriating. like if you're gonna barge in on me this way, could you at least be cool? lame.

before that night, when i was still excited about A, and about our upcoming sexy weekend, i had shown his picture to the bartender, who is one of my good friends. so when he came in, she recognized him and was like, "isn't that the person you're crushing on?" i was like, "yep." she said, "looks like he's ...on a date?" "yep." embarrassing. whatever.

they didn't stay very long, thank god. and when they left i felt really bummed. i always get sad when people treat me rudely or with indifference.

the next day he texted me to say it had been really nice to see me. like we'd just happen to run into one another out in the world. i didn't respond. a few days later he texted just to say hello. i was like, "that was not very cool, how you came into my work on a date without asking." i really do think that a lady should get to decide when someone she's flirting with sees her naked. anyway he apologized and now it's fine. but fuck him. what a douche.

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  1. I hate it when the small world gets even smaller around us unexpectedly