Wednesday, March 6, 2013

poetic justice

i always go next door and eat when i get off work. i keep planning to stop eating in the middle of the night like that, but dancing makes me hungry. and anyway i don't know if the idea of eating late at night being super unhealthy really applies to people who get off work at 2:45am. i guess it's supposed to make you fat? well i'm not gaining weight from it, and i don't like going to bed hungry. so whatever.

my point though is just to tell you something funny that happened.

this cook next door has been getting overly friendly with me. kind of too familiar or something. well tonight he really went too far. i was eating a plate of tinga (have you had it? it's my favorite thing: chicken stewed with chorizo) with chips and guacamole. it was super delicious, but when i dipped a chip in the guacamole, there was a hair in it. so i put that chip with the hair on the edge of my plate and was done eating. right then the cook reached across the counter TO EAT OFF MY PLATE (really?! you're going to take food off my plate like we're family, when in fact we barely know each other?!), and the chip he grabbed was the one with the hairy guacamole. it was so gross to watch, i feel kind of gaggy thinking about it now. but it was also kind of hilarious.

ok so tired. goodnight. xo

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