Wednesday, September 5, 2012

thanks, bros.

i spent all my rent money on a fancy new sewing machine, thinking "whatever, i'll make it back." but then i went to work last night and it was so dead. i sat with a rich-looking guy for a while, and he turned out to be a dud. got a few dances from a regular. then the rich dude wanted me to sit with him again and i said, "sorry but i have to go put on my eyelashes." he was like, "why? it's dead in here." but i just had a feeling like my money was on its way, and having my eyelashes on is part of the way i like to greet my money.

well i glued my eyelashes and waited. the club filled up, but it wasn't anybody great. i was kind of freaking out around 1am. i texted my ex to see if i could borrow rent money for a couple days. he said sure. but i was hoping it wouldn't come to that.

then these two young guys came in. my co-workers didn't pay them any attention because i guess they really didn't look like spenders. i had a good feeling about them, though, so i went and chatted a little between sets. they were 22 year-old canadians on a roadtrip, and they were super polite and cute. when i got back on stage, one of them came and lined up several folded dollars on my rack. when i collected them at the end of my set, i saw they were actually 1's folded on top of 20's. STOKED.

so i went and had a drink with them. they didn't want lap dances, but the next time i got on stage they rained about $200 on me. they did it again on my next set, too. then one of them complained that he had drank too much and was getting the spins. the other one said, "just drink more, bro! that's what i did and i feel fine!" but the spinny one looked green. they left, and i said a lil thank you to the universe.

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  1. That is the way the universe should be for all of us!