Friday, March 1, 2013


hi. this is a boring entry. so don't read it if you care to be entertained.

i really love my club, but i can only usually get two shifts per week there. and lately i've been thinking about how much more money i could have if i just worked one or two more shifts per week. i think about this pretty often, but am kind of comfy and lazy and i like having most days off. but it's time for me to work more. so i auditioned at a club that lots of girls seem to like, but i worked there yesterday and i didn't like it very much. it has a weird layout. too many seats at the bar, so everyone just sits there. boring.

i was there from 4-9, and it was soooo slow. luckily a regular from my other club came in and got a lot of dances. if he hadn't shown up, i would've made $60 for the entire day!!! i only sold a dance to ONE other person besides him, and made around $40 in stage tips over the course of five hours. i feel bad for the other girls who were working, none of them sold any dances all day. they didn't even seem to be ASKING anyone. they were basically working for minimum wage, but they all seemed to love their jobs? i don't get this thing where girls will work at a club that's considered "cool," or whatever, but where they don't make any money. it's baffling. they're all best friends at this club, so i guess maybe it's ok for them to go hang out with their friends for free.

i don't want to work midshifts there, so i asked the bartender how long it usually takes to get on thursdays and weekend nights there, and she was like, "well it just depends. a good way to do it is to come in on wednesday nights when (owner's name) is here. come kind of toward closing, because after we close we like to party and some of the girls will dance for him and his friends."

ohhhkay. so basically if i wanna get good shifts, it's advisable to come in and dance for an after-hours coke party with the owner and his buddies? ...i dunno. i'm just going to try it the old fashioned way of showing up for work, selling a lot of drinks and dances, and waiting it out a month or two. if that doesn't work i'll just try somewhere else.

after i got off work, i ate a lot of candy went out and drank too much. ew. i'm not drinking this month, march. i need a break. i was feeling so good for those sober 6 weeks i did. wish me luck on this, it's hard at first, then after a week or so it's easy and feels great.

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