Sunday, March 30, 2014

nails on a chalkboard

last night i worked with a girl who kept snorting coke in the dressing room and then zipping around the club all night, talking extraordinarily loud at all times, telling weird jokes and thinking she was being hilarious and witty, but actually just being loud and annoying. i detest her fake laugh. i'm so happy i don't do coke anymore. ew.

this same girl also has an eating disorder which is not her fault, but is difficult to watch. she is suuuuuper skinny, and last time i worked with her she kept talking about how hard it is for her to put on weight, how she never works out but just miraculously stays skinny. during our shift she ate like 3 orders of jalepeno poppers, a huge burrito, and also french fries, and then went and barfed. i could hear her while i was touching up my makeup. i dislike watching people binge and then hearing them purge. so sad. and also: quit talking to me about your genetically lucky metabolism.

other than her, i had an okay night. not great, but not terrible.

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