Monday, April 19, 2010

so gay.

hi. i haven't written for a while. i worked last week, nothing very interesting happened. except that i worked with that real wacky girl, the one who likes to bring kitchen props and whatnot. she wasn't wacky, though, she was rather subdued. she's really really cute. i like her a lot. we worked a slow day shift, i think it was thursday. it was mellow. the best part of the day was when these two dykes came in on vacation from utah. they were RAD. they sat at the rack and weren't your normal dyke customers, who are careful not to stare too much at your cooch. these girls were like MENS. they could not get enough pussy in the face, they loved it! another thing that differentiated them from your normal dyke customer is that they were great tippers. they tipped me well over $150 while they sat at the rack. one of them was really cute, too, in a mean gym-teacher kind of way. you know she'd give you a good workout. the other one wasn't cute, but was the friendlier of the two.

the only other interesting customer who came in was this young boy who comes in to see me sometimes. i think i wrote about him before, the native american kid who moved here from north dakota? he's really nice. comes in, sits at the rack for one set, then wants one dance, during which time he pitches a giant tent and then promptly leaves to deal with it. i wonder where he goes. maybe he has a car and can go rub it out there. who cares. he's sweet, though. i like seeing him.

then i worked on saturday. it was fine. a bunch of metal dudes came in from a band i've never heard of called "overkill." they were pretty rad. they didn't buy any dances, but they were fun to dance for onstage. actually almost all of the customers were good on saturday. i hardly sold any dances, it was so weird. but i had a fun time dancing. near the end of my shift, some guys came in who were all so good-looking if i had seen them outside the club, i would have assumed they were gay. but they did seem to enjoy watching naked girls, so who knows. anyway one of them looked like an attractive fabio, if that's not too much of an oxymoron to imagine. he was super hunky and tan with these long flowing curls. he bought me a couple of drinks and instead of sneaking them down to the dressing room and dumping them out, as i sometimes do--BAD, I KNOW: ALCOHOL ABUSE!--i just drank them instead. i was enjoying the silly relaxed feeling of being slightly drunk. and i liked sitting at the bar for a bit with this weirdly hot guy.

sometimes i really do think guys are hot, and i worry that i might be !!!GASP!!! bisexual. but luckily then i have a day like today, where my hands smell amazing from a roll in the hay with a cute person, and i'm being super careful not to wash them too thoroughly because i want to sneak pussy sniffs when nobody's looking, and feel my stomach flutter. and i think about how totally 100% opposite this is from when i get man cum all over my hands and will scrub them with toothpaste or even comet to get the smell out. and then i'm like, NOPE: GAY. thank goddess.

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  1. OMG! i totally do the hand smelling thing too. thought i was the only one.