Wednesday, April 21, 2010

monday and wednesday

i worked on monday night. i was having INSANE pms. i felt totally grouchy and exhausted from the moment i got there. it wasn't very fun. i kept thinking, "how am i going to finish this shift?" and i had a customer who was tipping me to sit with him all night, which was great for money, but i find that sitting with someone talking can often be WAY more exhausting than dancing for them. this particular guy was super nice, but fielding his bragging/self-deprecating remarks/date requests was a lot of work. i didn't want him to leave because i wanted him to keep tipping me. but i was also bummed every time i got offstage to find that he was still there. he stayed till the very end. he must've drank like ten vodka tonics. it shocks me how much people can drink, i mean if i'd had ten drinks, i would've died of alcohol poisoning.

today i worked the day shift. slowest shift since i started working there, and so BORING. i worked with a girl i like, but that was the only good thing. oh the other good thing was that a guy came in and brought us cookies. i got my period yesterday and today just felt like one long game of "hide the tampon string." i don't love working whilst on the rag. i'm so listless and lethargic. disillusioned with the state of the world and my place in it. i get crazy right before my period, and then the first day or two i'm still not quite myself. tomorrow should be better, though.

nothing good to say today. goodnight.


  1. How do you hide the string?

  2. you cut it kinda short, but leave enough that you can grab it later. then tuck.

  3. I wonder why I asked that question? Sounds like some risk of losing it.
    Anyway, I've started reading your blog from the beginning, and I've gotten up to the Spring of 2010 (as you can see. I'm enjoying it quite a lot.
    I know I've asked other questions, but I think I've lost track of my own comments, so I don't know if you've responded. In any event, very interesting blog.

  4. thanks mike! i think i have responded to your comments. :)