Tuesday, April 27, 2010

no good stories this time.

i'm down south and i had planned to work while i was here, and i had a bunch of appointments set up for yesterday but i just didn't feel up to it. i never cancel appointments, but i canceled THREE yesterday. i've been really sick all week with my terrible digestion, and it has left me feeling fragile and insular like i'm just barely hanging in there and i don't want to touch anybody. i don't have much energy right now and i didn't feel like i could part with even a drop of it.

after i canceled my appointments yesterday, i went thrifting with my friend dionne and then we just hung out. she made a weird fancy dinner and she and her boyfriend john and i ate and drank wine and it was so nice. i felt a bit of anxiety because i should've been working, but i also felt truly happy for letting myself off the hook, something i rarely do.

so. i don't have any great stories to tell you. next time!

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