Thursday, April 1, 2010

taco time.

yesterday i worked. i was suuuuper tired after a late-night date with a cute person, but i was in a good mood. i worked with a girl i like, she's really mellow. she's really really skinny, but still pretty. she kind of looks like a junkie version of brigitte bardot. not the same tits and ass, but same complexion and a very similar face and hair. also she does her makeup very mod.

this guy came in who seemed kind of special. as in, maybe a head injury or something. he was nice, though. he had a weird pageboy bob that made him look like a giant campbell soup kid. but with a large bulbous walter matthau nose. he tipped me a five on stage and said, "now will you show off for me?" it happened to be the third song anyway, where, keeping with tradition, i take off my thong. so i said, "yes. sure."

a little while later i noticed my co-worker helping the campbell soup guy read the menu. and then after a while here comes the waitress from the taco place next door with a two huge burrito platters. i couldn't picture my co-worker eating, but she sat down with this guy and totally ravaged a steak burrito. she looked really cute sitting there chowing down in her bikini. with her long hair and flat chest, she kind of looked like a kid eating after a long day of swimming. she had a placid little smile on her face.

i didn't have time to eat before work so i ate during my shift too, something i almost never do because my fucked up teeth make it hard for me to adequately chew my food, so whatever i've eaten just stays in my stomach in pretty much its original form for a while. like when a snake eats a mouse. it makes me self conscious to be naked in front of strangers with my belly protruding out in the shape of some dancing tacos or whatever. but my stomach demanded food so i got egg/avocado tacos from next door and they were fucking GOOD.

i did a bunch of dances for a guy named steve, why are they always named steve? i have five work steve's in my phone. it's almost as common as "mike" or "john." anyway this steve wore army pants and a patriotic trucker cap. i'm not sure why he took such a liking to me. but i was glad to do 6 dances for him. why not.

i don't remember who else i danced for. mostly i was looking forward to getting off work. i wanted to take a nap and then go country dancing, which is exactly what i did.

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  1. Hilarious. I can't count the number of Steve's I met while dancing.