Wednesday, June 30, 2010

strike a pose: vogue vogue vogue vogue

today i was walking down the street on my way to my favorite thrift store and i saw one of my massage clients. he was delivering juice to a bodega, as that's his job. he has a fresh juice delivery company. anyway he was standing with his dolly, chatting with a couple other guys. i smiled at him, and he did this INSANE slapstick comedy double-take and almost dropped his dolly. i winked and made a tiny telephone gesture with my thumb and pinkie.

i didn't find anything good at the thrift store. not even one thing! i come from a huge family of thrift store lovers. our love is mostly steeped in necessity as no one in our family has ever really been able to afford to buy brand-new clothes, but my grandma and my mom always say that even if they had tons of money, they'd still shop at the salvation army because it's more fun. we have a strict rule when we thrift: if it's not at least as cute as what you're already wearing, then you don't need it. well, i was wearing an extremely mediocre outfit today and i STILL didn't find anything. ho hum.

so. that was a bummer. but as i was leaving the store, my juice guy--let's call him rasheed--called for an appointment. that cheered me up. if i'm not finding treasures, i may as well be making money, you know?

when rasheed arrived at the studio, he went on about how different i look out in the world, how surprised he was to see me wearing jeans, how i looked cute but VERY DIFFERENT. i do look very different out in the world than i look at work, it's true. i look about 100x better naked than clothed, and i usually look somewhat boring in casual wear. i work some rad looks when i go out at night, but i haven't ever gotten the hang of looking cute during normal daytime hours. this can be rather disconcerting to people who are used to seeing me either naked or out in fabulous nighttime looks. kind of like, have you ever seen your favorite drag queen at the grocery store? it can be oddly disappointing.

i think a lot of my clients think about me as existing in that studio alone. like, i live there or something. a guy has told me that he likes to think that i'm always hanging out in beautiful lingerie waiting for his call.

in rasheed's case, he found it exciting to see this ordinary girl on the street and know he had a special connection with her. (his words, "special connection." cute.) he's a really great client, btw. super polite. clean, attractive, big muscles. i have to be careful with him, though, because he comes almost as soon as you touch his cock. the first time i saw him, he came before i even touched his cock! but each time he comes to see me, he lasts a little longer. today i managed a good 10 or 12 strokes before he shot up onto his shoulder. when he was leaving he said, "thank you. that was very lovely."

then a guy came to see me who i met at the strip club where i work. i was dancing for him and he kept saying, "i wish i could get a little closer to you." we chatted and he mentioned that he was visiting from down south. so i gave him my work email address and he wrote to me yesterday. he was nice. easy. oh--and he brought me july's vogue magazine with marion cotillard is on the cover because he says we look alike. sweet gestures like that never fail to surprise me.

then i hung out with my co-worker for a bit. she was looking helllla skinny. great actually, model-esque, but please don't get any skinnier. such a thin line between svelte and scary. she told me she just started drinking tons of coffee in the morning and ate only one meal per day, around 4pm. i winced. i always hate to see people i adore develop eating problems. such a slippery slope. easy to start, hard to stop. but i didn't say anything to her about it, people DO NOT want you telling them what/how to eat.

now i'm home. just relaxing. i just watched "the real l-word" online and it was truly tragic. an hour of my life that i will never get back. but i keep seeing those girls wherever i go. out at bars, poolside in palm springs, on my friends' facebook pages. so i wanted to see if the show was good. fail. when does the new season of "eastwick" come out? i want a crappy show to watch that i actually enjoy! please! why is that so much to ask!

okay wellll, goodnight. xo andi

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