Friday, July 2, 2010

no calls today

except for two guys who didn't have references. and then also a guy i have in my phone as "NO alex, CALLLLLS," because he just calls and calls and calls. i made appointments with him twice last summer and he didn't show up either time, but had a lot of lengthy excuses. now when he calls i just don't pick up.

today, for example, NO alex, CALLLLLLS called 12 times and left 7 messages. the first few were possible times he'd like to see me, and then messages to say actually his schedule has changed can i do 7:15 now instead of 7:10? and would i consider running a special today because i did that back in march and he was too busy to see me then. and okay so he hasn't heard from me but he knows where my studio is, so he'll just meet me there at precisely 8:25, unless he hears from me first.

annoying. stalker-ish. but it only happens once every other month or so, and totally not worth the seven dollars a month or whatever is is that it would cost to block him.

i'm hoping to be busy tomorrow. i want to buy a car, man!

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