Wednesday, August 18, 2010

another night at the office.

work last night was good. i worked with two girls i like a lot. one is a super foxy ukrainian girl who looks like a barbie doll. she wears strange outfits with lots of accessories. like she'll wear a pair of hot pants with a belt and with a glittering thong sticking out of it. and also crotchless fishnets. and little ankle socks. and a mesh crop top with a bra underneath. AND a tie. and then several bracelets and blingy necklaces. on somebody else it would look like they went into the lingerie section of wet seal or charlotte russe and had one minute to just cram whatever they could find into a bag and then run straight to work and put it all on at once. but on her it works, somehow.

the other girl has super long black hair and tons of tattoos. she just got her wisdom teeth out and hasn't been able to eat for several days, which has given her the look of a leggy waif. she seemed pretty hungry and miserable, though, poor thing.

it was moderately busy all night. i forced myself to stay up on the floor and only took a couple short dressing room breaks. i sold a decent amount of dances. one of the guys i danced for was a chubby-cheeked salesman, probably about 48 or 50 years old. he started out acting totally normal, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere he started munching on my belly and going "nom nom nom!" i said, "whoa. hey. no nommin' on my belly please." then he said in a baby voice (that i'm hoping will fade from my memory very soon) "oh. hurmph. i tan't nom nom on yowl bewlly?" and then made a theatrical pouty face. it was fucking weird.

another guy was an elderly scottish man. his accent was like nothing i've ever heard. i liked it. but i didn't like him very much. he shamed me for having yet to leave this continent even one time. i said, "if you're the kind of people i'm gonna meet abroad, then i'll just stay right here in oregon, thank you." when he seemed offended, i added on a compulsory "just kidding."

i got a bit drunkie and now i don't so much remember who all i danced for. the men, they blend together sometimes.

a friend of mine was in town and she stopped by last night right before i got off. she had never been to a strip club before and got all dressed up in a wild get up that brought to mind jean smart's character in designing women. mixed with a little kate bush. and with pleather pants. mind you, it was a hundred degrees yesterday. HOT. and it was super hot in the club. so the pleather pants seemed an odd choice, but she's really young and is still willing to sacrifice certain comforts in the name of breathtaking avant garde fashion. i, on the other hand, would never wear plastic pants on the hottest night of the year, no matter how good they looked. shit, you can barely get me to wear any kind of pants when it's hot.

anyway she had a lot of fun on her first strip club foray. she wanted to buy a lapdance from me but i didn't feel like selling her one. so then i got off work and we went to the fry cart but they had just closed two minutes prior to our arrival. ho hum.

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