Thursday, August 12, 2010

chasing money

sorry i haven't written in a while. i was feeling like this blog was sort of private and that hardly anybody read it which i still mostly think is the case, but i got an INTENSE text from somebody last week who i didn't think would ever end up reading this blog. but somehow she did. i don't even know how she found it. but anyway. i've been sort of reeling from that. and also i haven't been working very much.

today i was going to see a client but i was having a rather intense case of gas so i cancelled.

no exciting news to report. the only interesting thing that happened to me today was that i went to make a deposit at an ATM on a super busy street and the touch-screen was very scratched up and was taking a long time to work. like you'd punch "yes" ten times before it would register. anyway i put a check in the ATM and i had two $100 bills to deposit as well. i was waiting for the check to be accepted and then suddenly the bills blew out of my hand. i had a moment of trying to decide whether i could just leave my account open for anybody to drain really quickly while i chased the bills, or whether i should just forget about the bills and concentrate on getting my card out of the super slow ATM. i chased the bills, nabbing one of them right away. the other one blew a bit further. i looked over my shoulder real quick to shoo someone away from the ATM and during that split second, i lost track of the second bill. i looked all over the place for it. this fiasco occurred next to a sidewalk fruit stand. i looked under all the crates, just everywhere. and then finally i ducked into the trash area of the stand, kind of a tiny little alleyway. and after a bit of searching i found it floating in a puddle of moldy fruit slime! yes!!!


  1. As I keep reading, will I find out about this intense message you received?

  2. nope. i didn't write any more about it. : /

    1. Oh well, I really was interested in hearing about that
      I'll keep reading anyway.