Sunday, August 29, 2010

holy underwear

last night in my dream, i was walking to work and i happened to pass by my old church. there was a free box on the steps so i stopped to rifle through it. there were a bunch of old dolls that were flat on the back and meant for hanging on the wall. i really wanted to take one home, i love old dolls, but each one was too scary looking in her own special way. i dug a little deeper in the free box and among the old crappy gap sweatshirts and dingy thermal underwear, there was a PERFECT little lingerie set that was pink with black and white polka dots. the bra was a 34A and the undies were small and ruffly with garters attached to them. DREAMY. the set screamed "quality!" i wondered if it was from the elle macpherson collection, but the tags had been removed. anyway it appeared never to have been worn. i crammed it in my purse, and kept walking to work. it tickled me that i was going to be wearing a fancy set from the church free box to roll around on stage at a strip club.


  1. Wow, you are brave! You wore them without washing first? I guess in certain lines of work you realize that other women's everyday paranoias are excessive...!

  2. elana, it was in a DREAM! i would never put on someone else's dirty underwear in waking life. i hold myself to the same standards of cleanliness as anybody else. your comment was weird.