Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cheap bastard and talking shoe

i'm back up north. i worked on sunday. i was so tired i fell asleep in the dressing room. twice. the only other interesting things that happened were a guy who paid for a lapdance and a half, stating that the first dance had begun after the song started. which was true. it was only 5 or 7 seconds after the song started, but i just didn't feel like arguing. i felt like, "whatever. get the fuck out of my face so i can go back to watching the clock in anticipation of my release from this joint." and then the other thing is that the gummy sole started peeling back from my shoe, causing it to flap around a bit for the rest of my shift. i had other shoes with me that i could've changed into, but i was just too lazy. the end.


  1. at least no one burped in your mouth.

  2. nicole, your comment was very "triggering."