Friday, February 4, 2011

down south for a bit

i worked yesterday at the massage parlor. i saw an old regular of mine who is so sweet and easy to get off. he always tells me i'm really pretty and he loves to see what lingerie i'll be wearing. plus he always tips, and doesn't talk a lot, just kind of relaxes into the table and makes happy little noises here and there. so. that was nice.

then i saw a new client, who my co-worker referred to me. i called ahead and told her i was coming to town and that i was super broke, and asked if she would keep me in mind if anybody wanted a petite brunette for a double. i didn't think she's just loan me some of her own clients to see on my own. but that's just how she is: sweet. so anyway i saw her client, an extremely polite hawaiian guy. he was gigantic. i wondered whether the massage table might crumble under his weight, but it was fine. he had the smoothest skin i've ever felt on a guy. it was positively pore-less.

it's almost like my first clients were best case scenarios because the universe knew how terrible my last client would be and wanted to throw me some bones first.

so. my last client yesterday was nothing short of traumatizing. i've been seeing him regularly every time i come to town, and i've never liked him but he's so regular and always tips so well. plus he has fancy wine and those chocolates. i don't know if i can see him again, though. i'd like to say "i'll never see him again!" but who knows, i might be broke. well anyway, last night he was just so overly gropey and coked out. he was talking in circles, telling me stories he's told me over and over already. griping about other girls he hires. gossiping about our "mutual friends," which is to say, my beloved co-workers. i genuinely adore all three of the girls he gossiped about and i kept trying to steer the conversation in other directions. but he just kept up with it and it was such a bummer. i would've felt kind of treasonous not just leaving if i didn't think the other girls surely also endured these kind of lengthy diatribes about me.

all the coke talk was annoying enough. but he was also just so overly touchy. i am very touchy/feely with most of my clients but with him i just feel creeped out. and THEN he burped basically directly into my mouth! TWICE! both times i GAGGED and choked, and both times he pretended as if nothing had happened. it was so gross. he'd eaten something garlicky. i am almost gagging just thinking about it right now. i met my friend later for a cocktail and i gagged while telling her about it. i gagged in the cab on the way to meet my friend. it was that disgusting.

and then of course it was nearly impossible to get him off, but finally when my arm was about to break off, he came and i left. and i just felt very grossed out and disillusioned. and possibly drugged, like i was slogging through jello. i had only had half a glass of wine so i know i wasn't drunk. it was weird but i tried not to trip out on it too hard. instead, i tripped out on how his messy apartment had reached an all-time high in terms of messyness.

somebody had ordered a cab and i totally swiped it, i had to get out of there! i went to have a drink with my friends and i just had one cocktail and was suddenly in a blackout. today i feel sick and groggy. it's not awesome. i am not sure, i may have just been drunk? but this does feel somewhat similar to the time i was roofied.

okay well today i'm NOT working. i had a smoothie with a friend, laid in my other friend's bed and ate ruffles and gossiped, and now i'm just going to go lay in the park with my book. i'm reading a young adult sci-fi series called "the hunger games." it's engrossing.


  1. god.
    that is why i could not do your job, i am just not nice enough. i would smack someone who did that shit to me. blegh.