Saturday, February 12, 2011

twas a long week!

hi. i've been working a whole bunch. the other day a guy came in who i had just met a week and a half ago, and who had bought $300 in table dances. he sat at my rack for three whole songs before i recognized him, and that's only because i was like, "why is this guy looking so dejected and radiating such extreme badtitude?" then i was like, oh shit. "hi ryan! how are you?" luckily he had on brand new glasses, which were much different from the ones he'd worn before. whew. when guys buy like 15 dances in a row from you and then come in to do it again, it only really works if you recognize them. i won him over a tiny bit, but not completely. he was butthurt and only stayed for 3 dances. maybe he'll come in again, but i'd be kinda surprised.

i worked with that uncouth girl AGAIN the other day. i have to avert my eyes when she's on stage, her dancing style is just too unsettling. it's like one long grandpa-butt pelvic thrust, with several legs-akimbo crotch squats thrown in at awkward intervals. truly bizarre. at least she finally got a cute outfit, though. still wearing chunky thrift store platforms, but whatever. at the end of the day, the bartender said to me, "wow. that girl really needs to dance in front of a mirror. WOW."

oh hey did i mention that that other girl i didn't like got fired? for stealing a pair of boots and didn't even bother trying to remove the "MISSING BOOTS" sign from the dressing room before selling them to another new dancer, who showed up at work in the boots. what a weird thing to do. why would you do something like that, for which you were surely 100% going to get caught?

apart from those two, the girls at work are the best thing about my job. i mean, of course, besides the money. the other night i came to work and i was super upset. i tried to hold it together but i was listless and bummy. but just dishing with the girls made me feel so much better. i know i always get all misty about this, but i just really love strippers.

i can't think of anything else to tell you about. i've just been plugging along. i have lived in my new apartment for a month now and i still haven't gotten a couch or any furniture. i keep saying i just haven't found the right stuff, but perhaps i'm hesitant to settle in? anybody have a cute couch? or some bowls? a chair? or a little shelf?

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  1. hi andi!
    I just had to tell you that i stumbled on your blog and i loved of course i had to start from the beginning .(2009) i've been reading for hours and i think this is fantastic. im hooked!