Saturday, February 5, 2011

free day

today i only had one client. a regular of mine, the one who i see sometimes on the street when he's working at his vegetable delivery job. he's always surprised, every time, to the point where he almost drops a box of tomatoes or whatever he's carrying.

today he took a shower, then came out of the shower and laid on the table, then two minutes later sat up and said he felt dizzy. that he had gotten dizzy in the shower and it was only getting worse. he looked green. poor guy. he staggered around, getting dressed as quickly as he could, looking worse and more miserable with each passing second.

i felt bad for him, but i also felt really off the hook. you know when you have to work and then all of a sudden you don't? so. i took my ad down and went for a walk.

all the girls from work are gonna come out dancing with me tonight. i'm pretty stoked!

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