Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'll try it here.

well, i'm still up in my cutsie little hometown. it's not really a town, though, it's a pretty sizable city. but its sleepiness and friendliness make it feel pretty townish.

i spent all the money i brought and i'm not due to go back to the city for a whole 'nother week. so i scanned craigslist a bit looking for massage girls who might want to share their studio with me. i found a few and emailed them, and the only one who got back to me was a lady we'll call lisbet. (her real name is SO GOOD. man i wish i could use it here! it's SO. GOOD. the kind of name that just drips of danielle steele sex, the kind of name someone would choose in order to sound sophisticated and irresistible, worldly).

lisbet invited me to come over and see her space so i paid my housemate five bux to drop me off there. we got a little lost on the way. my housemate, let's call her maya, used that opportunity to ask me tons of questions about my work. as a staunch lesbian who is also chronically broke, she was intrigued that i could touch a bunch of guy's bodies and thereby make quick cash. she seemed to think it was something gross and terrible that needed to be gotten through with as quickly as possible in order for me to come home with my sack of cash. i told her a little bit about how it's usually not very gross, etc., but i didn't feel like going into tons of details with her about it. i felt a bit barraged.

finally we found the place. i loved that lisbet had put a placard on her door that said, "kustom kupcakes." it just felt like such a hilarious and classic diversion. "well, we thought we heard the moans of prostitution taking place in there, but we can clearly see that this is the base of operations for a bakery. so, put your badges away, boys, our work here is done!"

lisbet opened the door and she looked exactly as i had pictured her on the phone. earthy. goddessy. supple. she actually looks A LOT like tony's sister on the sopranos, "janice." like: a lot. and she has the same slightly hippie/dreamy vibe. and also the intense edge.

she gave me a tour of the place and i noticed that there wasn't a shower. BUMMMMMER.

but other than that the place was nice. she has a fancy heated massage table. plenty of organic oil and lotion. towels, etc. the place is in a business complex, so it doesn't look that homey but she's done what she can with the place.

she seemed to like me okay and said i could start working right away. i want to wait till after thanksgiving, though, because i have been feeling under the weather and i don't want to expose myself to a bunch of germs from rubbing my body on strangers.

i'll let you know how it goes.

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