Tuesday, November 3, 2009

money hungry: everyone.

i'm pretty annoyed with the girl who runs the apartment. it's been SO crowded and SO crazy, and she just hired ANOTHER girl yesterday! there are already TOO DAMN MANY girls working. yesterday i could've booked 5 or 6 appts, but there was only space for me to do ONE! what the fuck, gia? quit getting so greedy.

well, luckily, i'm going out of town for a month starting in one week. i had hoped to work every minute of every day this week so i could bring a bunch of money with me. i'm still going to try and work, but i'm also trying to chill out about it. i don't need to be a stress case. just relax. however much money i bring with me is however much money i bring.

i really need to get my teeth fixed, though!

the good news is that as of this moment, i only owe five hundred more dollars on my credit card, and then i am DONE!!!

nothing interesting happened yesterday at work. well except that i'm beginning to notice that my co-worker stacy is reallllly an alcoholic. i was thinking before that she just drank a lot but was probably ok. but now i think she might be in serious TRUBS. (troubles, duh.)

getting my hair cut today, finally, then gonna park my ass up at the apt and just hope to get TONZ of appts.

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