Thursday, November 12, 2009

nice calf mucles = nice ass?

this morning as i was walking home from the grocery store, a lumberjack type guy in a huge truck slowed down to tell me i had "really nice calf muscles." the way he said it, though, lasciviously and with a toothpick dangling from his lip, made it feel more like, "nice ass." i have learned that when guys say this kind of thing to you that's innocuous on the surface but greasy with innuendo, it's best to just say thank you and keep walking. ignoring guys like this just does not work. they will usually just keep repeating themselves louder and louder till you finally give in and say something back.

so. i yelled a quick "thanks" over my shoulder and kept on walking. he kept on following me.

"you must run a lot," he said.

"haha, only when guys like you are following me," i said, half-joking.

"that's funny," he said, without laughing. "do you need a ride?"

"nah, i'm good. thanks, tho!" i said. i was all hopped up on coffee and so my mind was a little wild and he was looking at me so intensely that for a split second it seemed to me that he knew i was a hooker of sorts. like i was marked, somehow. i immediately recognized the ridiculousness of such a line of thought. but weird that i would even think that for a second, right? of course i don't look like a hooker. i mean, i don't think i do. it's not like i was wearing a juicy couture tracksuit and big hoop earrings.

the guy followed me a bit longer to see if maybe i'd change my mind, and then sped off.

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