Sunday, December 6, 2009

expensive hugs.

hi again!

yesterday was a nice day. i woke up and posted my ad, then went to my favorite thrift store. i found two great jackets, some peach mesh fabric, and some japanese socks for wearing with flip-flops. those are for my friend pippa who wears platform flops every day of her life. they would look terrible on anyone else, but for some reason they look really really cute on her.

i also went to the discount fabric store, and the luckiest thing happened to me: they charged me for the zippers i was buying, but forgot to charge me for my fabric! i love that store and it's family-owned so i normally would've pointed out their error. but it just so happens that they OWED me a few yards of fabric because a few years ago i bought some defective fabric and they refused to take it back. it was black stretch fabric and i laid it out on my floor to cut a bunch of leggings out of it. after i made TWO pairs of leggings, i noticed that my hands were black. and that my floor was black. and that my legs were black from trying on the leggings. it took a GIANT amount of scrubbing to get the stains out of my skin, and my floor bore a grayish hue forever after that. i couldn't believe they wouldn't do a return. i was tempted to never shop there again, but it's my favorite fabric store and it's so good and cheap. well, now i've been vindicated and it feels great!

then kat called, remember that girl i used to work with? the hot blonde one who may or may not have ratted me out to the crazy pimps? and who stole my flat-iron and kept it forEVER? well i've been calling and harassing her about the iron and i think she's sick of dealing with me. so she called me yesterday and said she had gotten it out of storage and that i could have it back. so i went on this long uphill trek to retrieve it. and then she was so nice when i saw her that i wondered if maybe she hadn't been lying when she said she thought she was doing me a favor by "saving" the flat iron for me. hmmm... either way, she looked really cute.

i went to the gym after that. i wanted to leave after ten minutes, but i made myself push through and actually did a decent workout. i got a call when i was getting dressed so i walked up to the apartment and saw a client.

he was THE TALLEST man i have ever met. 6'6'' !!! that is REALLY FUCKING TALL. he was good looking, too, and almost eerily polite. i gave him a massage and he talked the whole time about this and that, asking me tons of questions. i don't like answering a lot of questions, so i tried to get him talking instead. he talked about his ex-girlfriend, who was tiny like me and had long dark hair. like me. he didn't want to be jerked off at all, that's so strange. he just wanted some hugs. expensive hugs. then he wanted to see whether i'd go out for a cocktail with him but i told him i needed to meet some friends.

which i did need to do! i went back to sky's house and they were having a dinner party. everyone had eaten already, we just hung out drinking wine. it was really nice.

now i'm mildly hungover but drinking coffee and feeling chipper.

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