Saturday, December 5, 2009

forget about yesterday.

yesterday i had the grouchiest day EVER. i had a 1pm appointment. nice indonesian guy. he was fine. took a LONG time to come, but that happens sometimes.

then i sat around hoping to get an appointment for a while. got a 3:30 which canceled, right before 3:30. i got a 7pm and i still had a 9pm on the books, so i thought i'd just go work out in the little gym and hope for a 5:30.

i worked out in the little basement gym for about ten minutes, and then there was this creepy guy watching me through the window. he had his hand up under his shirt and was rubbing his belly. it was so gross and creepy, with long scraggly greasy hair and psycho eyes. after a few minutes he went away. but then he came back. and came into the gym. he wasn't even wearing sneakers. he was only there to be a creep. he stood around for a minute, then lifted some weights while grunting and looking at me in the mirrors. SICK!

i just got off the ellyptical and hurried back upstairs to the apartment. i was so mad that this guy's creepiness prevented me from working out. i hate that guy.

then it was about 4pm. since i had a 7 o'clock, it seemed pointless to walk all the way back to sky's and then all the way back to the apartment, so i just laid down on the couch with my book for a while hoping to get a 5:30.

i read a bit and started to get antsy. i wanted to go out for food but my co-worker had just entered an appointment so there wouldn't be anybody to buzz me back in. we girls have keys to the apartment, but not to the front door of the building. annoying. so i ate a bunch of cookies and then laid back down on the couch, somewhat disgusted with myself for lunching on so many cookies instead of real food.

at 6pm, my 7pm canceled. FUCK! so annoying! then it was like, "do i walk all the way to sky's and then come back in two hours?" which is what i should've done, but it seemed annoying at the time. so i waited around for another hour and a half. and then my co-worker's 9pm canceled so she was leaving. and i don't like doing appointments with new clients alone in the apartment when it's so late. plus i was SO grouchy and restless by that point. so i texted my client to cancel and walked back to sky's, feeling super defeated and like i just wasted a whole day when i could have been doing any number of better things.

when i got back to sky's, i couldn't shake the super annoyed feeling at all. i just could not start feeling normal. we went and met up with a friend of mine from portland. had some wine and talked a lot, and that helped. but what i really needed was to go to bed and start fresh. which is what i did.

today: fresh!

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