Monday, December 7, 2009

not-so-manic monday

the apartment was a madhouse today, a million girls working. i had one appointment at 1:30pm with my chef guy. i've written about him. he's one of my favorite clients. i just have to try and ignore the extreme onion smell baked into his hands. apart from that, though, he's ideal. cute. well-groomed. interesting. doesn't talk too much, is able to just relax and enjoy being touched.

after that, though, i didn't even try getting any more appointments because both rooms were booked solid all day long. grrrr. i have to try not to stress about the fact that i'm not meeting my money goal yet by a long shot. i'm just going to really try and get a bunch of appts in the next three days. i'll let you know how it goes.

since i couldn't work, i went downtown and got a scarf and hat, something i've been meaning to do. and a new sweater. and i had cookies that were so amazingly delicious i could barely even deal.

now i'm at sky's. gonna watch dexter and pass out.

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