Wednesday, February 24, 2010


this was from a lady who sat, untippingly, at my rack for for 3 songs watching me while licking her lips like she was the big bad wolf, gonna eat me for dinner. she took short intense breaks from watching me to scrawl on this here dollar bill. she was having some drama with her pen, she kept shaking and taking apart and putting back together. finally i was done dancing and she tried to get me to take this dollar from between her teeth. i suggested she drop on the stage like everyone else instead. the important message on it reads, "you're beautiful. ... I would" and that's it. you'd WHAT? hahaha. you'd get really drunk at a strip club and borrow a pen from the bartender to scrawl a nonsensical message on a dollar bill? well then you've done it, lady, and you can go home now. i do have to wonder what she would've written had her pen been more functional.

the other thing i thought you might find interesting is the guy who came in on friday afternoon in a head-to-toe bob marley wear: headband, t-shirt, wristbands, all that. he had big dreadlocks and to his credit, at least he wasn't white in this get-up. anyway, he seemed as stoned as a human being can possibly be and smelled strongly of mary jane, which i don't find to be altogether unpleasant, provided it's freshly smoken (funny word "smoken." that's a word, yeah? like eaten?). anyway he was a good tipper and talked a lot of random lovey nonsense. i couldn't/couldn't be bothered to understand 2/3 of what he was saying. well i went down to the dressing room for a bit and when i came back up i was at the bar getting a glass of water. i had my back to the guy and when i turned around he goes, "whoa!!! i thought you was ASIAN! i was like, YO where'd this fine-ass asian chick come from? i was thinkin here's a fine-ass asian chick with butt implants or somethin!" i do have a small frame and long, lustrous dark hair (hate to brag!) so i could see how i could look asian from a distance, and even from behind if you didn't focus on my ass. but he had just been talking at me ten minutes before. it was so strange. so then for the rest of the day he just kept saying, "konichiwa!" at least each time he said it he tossed a couple dollars onstage. quite a strange person. but, really, not very much weirder than any other daytime strip club patron. just more forthrightly so, i guess.

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