Saturday, February 13, 2010

hot tubs

i'm back home, sleeping on sky's floor for a few days and seeing some clients (I HOPE! if any of them CALL me, that is!). yesterday i saw my lil' H murakami guy. he's been wanting to take me to the hot tubs, so we met up there, which was rad because then i got to keep all the money without having to pay the house cut.

i'm used to meeting clients at the door in my lingerie but when you go out in the world it's important to wear clothes. i realized when i was getting ready to meet H murakami that i didn't have any pretty clothes to wear. i brought a small suitcase on this trip and all i have are my running clothes, a few wild outfits for going out at night, and a pair of jeans and a sweater. so i just wore the jeans and sweater and when i got to the hot tubs i could tell he was surprised to see how plainly i was dressed. i thought it might be a turnoff, but he smiled lasciviously and said, "wow you look like a high school student!"

we went in and checked in at the counter. you have to give them your ID. H didn't want to use his, he nudged me and we used mine. okay. i tried to angle it away from H but he stared at it and likely has a photographic memory. ho hum. i wondered briefly whether the girl at the counter knew what we were up to. of course she did. ponytailed twenty-something imitation-highschooler arrives with japanese businessman: DUH. i thought back for a minute to the days when i only had one jerk-off client and i used to take him up to the hot tubs in a different part of town, how i always felt so sheepish and embarrassed around the front desk clerks. that guy was gross, and the ONE TIME i forgot to collect up front, he stiffed me, his excuse being that he couldn't hold his hard-on and it was my fault. i dumped him after that and he would come in and stare me down for months at the strip club where i worked. dark times, people, dark times.

my reverie was broken when the clerk handed H murakami two towels and said, "enjoy." i realized i didn't care at all whether she knew what we were up to, and that my life is so much better than it used to be.

we found our room, it was so much nicer than the other place i used to go. there is was a little bed, a private sauna, and hot tub. the hot tub wasn't that hot, though. oh jeez who cares about all these details? i gave him a massage, we rolled around on the bed, i jerked him off. he wanted to give me a ride back to where i'm staying and i like him a lot, but i realized it would be stupid since i have no idea what his actual name is, and i don't know any true facts about him or his identity. so. i just walked instead.

then i went to meet up with sky and we went to a "comedy" show. it wasn't funny. the worst part of the show was the "storyteller" prostitute who told a long rambling story about a john of his. it was way way WAY too much information. plus parts of it were totally racist and the whole thing was painfully long and depressing.

i know i often ramble at length in this here blog, but it's a BLOG, not a comedy show that you paid $15 to get into. and you're free to stop reading at any moment.

well, i guess that's it for now. i'm drinking coffee in sky's kitchen. the end.


  1. Love it. I was just thinking the other day about what it must have looked like the first time I went to Victoria's Secret with my geriatric customer in tow.

  2. the people demand more blog entries from you