Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i wanna be down

hi again. i worked on sunday night but forgot to write. so here goes.

i was really tired on sunday but i drank a cup of green tea and hoped for a surge of energy. i was thinking it would either be totally dead at work because people would've passed out drunk after the super bowl, or maybe it would be busy because guys would already be out and would want to keep the party going. i went to the bus-stop a few minutes early and i waited and waited but the bus just never came. i called the transit line and the next bus wasn't for 38 minutes. i got really mad, it's that kind of bus driver negligence that makes people lose their jobs!

my roommate jenny gave me a ride. thank god. and i got to work just in time to throw on my new jumper (pictured) and hop onstage. even though i was tired, i was excited to work because my cd was finally supposed to be added to the jukebox. but when i got onstage and looked in the songbook, it wasn't in there yet. bummer. so i just danced to random songs from the book. there are a lot of songs i like, but lots that i have never heard or don't like or am sick of. but i can usually find something decent. some favorites are tom petty, bruce springsteen, ac/dc, stuff like that. also i have a few "ace in the hole" songs that really love. i like to dance to these if i sense money in the crowd and i want to look my sexiest. among these are "bad things," (the theme song from the tv show "true blood"), and madonna's "justify my love." there are others but i can't think of them right now.

so. i got onstage and the place was pretty busy for a sunday night. i didn't sell many dances for the first few hours, but the stage tips were steady. and then this guy came in who is sort of becoming my regular. he wanted a few dances. and then after that, i was doing dances between most of my sets. the other two girls who were working stayed in the dressing room whenever they weren't on stage, so i had full use of the lapdance nook.

oh! i almost forgot: the best part of the night was when the cute hippy chick from the mexican restaurant (the one we share the basement with) came down and spritzed herself, at length, with a super delicious-smelling potion. i said, "ooh that smells so good! what is it?"

"it's my GIMME MONEY potion," she said.

"do you think you could spritz me with it?" i asked.

"absolutely," she said. "this shit really works!"

and did it ever. after that was when i went upstairs and my regular was there, and also after that was when i started selling lots of dances. all told, i ended up making $400! pretty good for a sunday night.

then today was tuesday. i worked the dayshift. it was good, i made $250. i'm really enjoying making money without jerking anyone off. i do like doing massage, but dancing's so much more light and fun.

nothing very interesting happened today. except that i gave a dance to a guy with a shaved head and an EMINEM t-shirt stretched tight across his giant potbelly. he was weird, but very nice. he looked kind of tough, well as tough as anyone can look wearing an EMINEM t-shirt, but at the end of the dance he said, "thank you! it felt really good to be touched."

oh the other interesting thing was that a group of super foxy black entrepreneurs came in, and when i danced to brandy's "i wanna be down," they pulled out huge wads of ones and "made it rain." they only stayed for a few songs, but at one point there must've been 100 dollar bills on the stage. i liked doing a floorshow in all that dough.

well. goodnight friends. xoxoxox andi

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