Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cherries n dopplegangers

guys like this cherries outfit for some reason. i find it to be cheesy, i never thought i would wear something with cherries on it, to me they say, "femme dyke sex nerd circa 2001." but i was outfit shopping one day and this little number called out to me. it said, "i'm the lowest common denominator! buy me, guys like this shit!" so i did and i'm telling you, whenever i put it on it's like instant $$$. i don't want to wreck its mojo by wearing it when it's totally dead and i'm not going to make money anyway. it's not the kind of outfit that will bring people in off the street. it's for when there are already customers and there are other cute girls working, but i want them to get dances from ME.

last night was a good night. i made all my money in the first two hours and then it was pretty slow but i felt relaxed. i worked with the hot over-accessorized russian girl and this other girl who has lots of tattoos. she always wears tiny flowered white underpants and they look kind of AMAZING. like, all those metal tattoos might suggest "bad girl," but then she's wearing little girl panties. somehow it doesn't read as pedophilic at all, just totally hot.

a guy came in who looked like the 60 year-old version of my sweet buddy sky. i couldn't deal. i stared at him too much. i think he liked the attention because he came up and tipped me a couple twenties on stage. he had almost the same glasses as my friend, and also the odd flowy faggy clothes, which on sky look smartly fashionable, but on this guy were just a little dumpy. he had a super glittery eagle earring in one ear and it was glinting at me from across the room. i went over to sit with him and noticed that, close up, he had similar eyelids to sky! germanically hooded! and rosebud lips. INSANE. it was his birthday, he was 57. i was sure he was gay, i mean his voice and everything about his countenance suggested it. but when i told his friends to buy him a birthday dance from me, they did and they guy got a giant boner that was clearly evident through his loose woven pants, so maybe not gay? the experience was surreal.

there was a lot of other random customers. i kind of don't remember them or care very much right now, actually. oh and i tried to hustle my boss's boyfriend. that's always rad. luckily he told me right away before i said anything possibly embarrassing. (the best lines are always the most embarrassing.)

it's my day off. i'm having anger and sadness about some things. i keep thinking it will pass, but the more i think about it, the madder and sadder i get! i'm going to go for a super long run and just pound it out!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

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