Sunday, October 10, 2010


i had this regular for a few months but then he totally disappeared and i hadn't seen him for a long time till yesterday. i'm really glad he came in during my mid-shift because it was sloooooow. it really only takes one good customer to make your shift good, though. and by "good," i mean "$$$." duh.

i worked with the messy-haired puritanical ballerina. (i've written about her before.) she's nice or whatever, but she really gets on my nerves. i can't figure out whether her loud optimism is genuine and fueled by a really great life filled with naivete and support from loved ones, or whether it's the front for something darker. either way, it is Too Much. plus she does this thing where whenever she gets done dancing and is collecting her tips she goes, "thank you! thank you everybody!" in the overly gracious tone of someone winning a Tony award. it's a little depressing.

i got off work and wanted to drink but i had my car so i drove home and went to this whiskey bar close to my house with the intention of getting very drunk and stumbling home to pass out. i haven't been drunk like that in a while and it felt like the right time for it. but i still had a lot of makeup on, not the right get-up for sitting alone at a bar on a saturday night because guys see you're by yourself and that you went to all the effort of making your hair and makeup pretty so you must be wanting to meet someone, so they keep coming over and talking to you. this is perfect when you're broke and want drinks. but i had a lot of money on me, and i didn't feel like talking to anyone. this one really cute guy came over and was chatting with me and if i was straight it would've been the perfect opportunity for stranger sex. he had pretty eyes, wasn't too hairy, cute outfit, nice lips. tempting almost but, alas, i don't want anybody's dick in my mouth so i went home after only one drink.

my housemates were all going to a party around the corner from our house so i popped by and lasted for precisely 5 minutes. sometimes i feel suuuuuuper antisocial, like i just have absolutely nothing to say to anyone unless they're paying me. so i went back home and started watching SNL in the basement, but fell asleep after the opening monologue. i woke up down there totally freezing and disoriented and went upstairs and crawled into my freshly washed sheets, which felt really good.

today's going to be a good day. i have nothing on the docket at all besides reading, writing, eating, and maybe going to the movies. also i'm going to make a pumpkin pie.

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