Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hello. it's me again.

i've worked a bunch lately but nothing too interesting has happened. last night was good. a guy came in and bought a lot of dances with me. and then his friends were like, "we gotta go, dude, come on or we're gonna leave you here." they were up from salem and he had no other way home. so, desperate for a momento, he bought my thong for $20. AND my hot shorts for $60. i really liked those shorts, though, so i told him i needed to go put something else on real quick because i couldn't just run around the club naked. i grabbed these other shorts that looked a lot like the original shorts and did a switcheroo. he totally didn't notice, just put the shorts on his head like a crown and scrambled outside to meet his friends.

i danced for a lot of random guys, i can't remember anything pertinent about any of them.

a pair of mountain dykes came in. the less butch of the two (i hesitate to say "femme," but you never know, i mean she was wearing lipstick) was really bossy. she kept saying, "come on, put your pussy in my face!" i didn't like her at all.

then some bartenders came in who thought they were really famous. i know this because they were super coked out and kept telling me how famous they were. "#1 mixologist" this, and "hot list" that. AS IF I CARE. one of them was in from new york, but the less annoying of the two works right down the street from my club. i got him to promise me free cocktails on friday. so. that's nice.

then the black keys came in. that's a band. i've never listened to them, but my co-worker is a big fan and had been at their show the night before. she was FREAKING OUT. it was fun to watch her try and act normal. they were really fun to hang out with and dance for. they brought a bunch of really good looking people with them, too.

hmmm what else. i want to go on a trip somewhere. where's a good place to strip?


  1. i'm in new orleans...i can't necessarily guarantee you good money at the strip clubs here (because mine is sucking right now), but new orleans is a good place to vacation! plus, i'll volunteer to be a tour guide...
    : ]

  2. the black keys are awesome. and now i know they go to strip clubs. fun times.

  3. Satan wants to be your tour guide in New Orleans? The irony ... I think his bff Katrina might come along.