Thursday, March 10, 2011


god this work is unpredictable in terms of $$$. yesterday was THE slowest shift EVER. but i did get to chat with a co-worker i hardly ever work with, who is also a portland native (an oddity, believe me! it always seems like nobody else is "from here"). she used to know my sister and my sister's ex-girlfriend. i thought that was so cute.

this girl had given up drinking recently and i got that feeling i often get when people tell me that: happy for them, but also a tiny bit jealous. i have been starting to wish i didn't drink so often. i keep thinking i will take some time off, but then i find myself at work with guys buying me drinks left and right. or in some unpleasant social situation. which is to say just about ANY social situation here in portland. and then i have a drink to put myself a little more at ease. i don't even usually get drunk, but i find myself drinking more and more often in a medicinal "nerve calming" sense. i used to be so self-assured without a drop of booze, but in SF my fashion was my social lubricant. here people don't care as much about that.

hmm what else. oh! well last night i went to see stand-up comedy and i knew i'd see people who i feel awkward or bad around but i challenged myself not to drink and i didn't. not even when my ex-girlfriend and her new gf showed up. so there! (p.s. i'd like to mention that kat from katstories blog did stand up and was hilarious! yes!)

now i feel like i wanna tell you that i drink to chill out and feel less socially awkward about half of the time. the other 50% of my drinking time is comprised of just plain LOVING TO DRINK. like playing cards with a glass of wine: perfect.


  1. this made me laugh. one of the reasons i loved living in portland is that really, deep down, it's a small town. everyone knows everybody, and i like that.

  2. LOL. I gave it up for lent. Which 4 days in = a mere 2 beers and 2 glasses of wine. But I was cooking with the wine, so let's rationalize that. Nonetheless, I will get through the next 6 weeks with substantially fewer drinks than the other 46 weeks of the year - for real, I'll probably only have one drunken night around stpads and completely abstain most days.

    I try this every year and most years do well. I usually get 1/2 way through and start to feel great about how much energy I have and how productive I am and decide to keep going even after Easter. That never seems to hold though!

    You don't even have to give a shit about Lent/Easter, it just makes a convenient "holiday" to sacrifice being boozy mctoobooze, if you're feeling it.


  3. i still love yr blog. portland definitely led to my drinking getting out of hand, for exactly the same reasons. maybe i'll try to make fashion my social lubricant here in LA. XO