Sunday, March 20, 2011

freaky friday

(from yesterday)

i'm not a huge fan of working friday nights. give me thursday or saturday, but friday is almost always weird. last night was no exception.

first of all, i wasn't feeling very well so things already felt a bit surreal. and then weird things kept happening. like i was on stage dancing to a slow song and the place was packed but oddly quiet and out of nowhere this guy bursts in yelling, "i'm mama gia's son! i'm mama gia's son!" and then throws himself onto the floor FACE FIRST, raises his head to vomit, and then jumps up and leaves. it was truly bizarre.

another thing was this busty blonde. busty blondes are almost always trouble in a strip club when they're being customers instead of working. a lot of hooting, screaming, grabbing, etc., and not very much tipping. plus they always want to show you THEIR tits. it's like, "if you need this much attention just, like, get a job here."

so the blonde the other night was just terrible. kept standing up and dancing in front of the stage. it was embarrassing, desperate. at one point she tossed her whole drink on stage and it spilled everywhere. the glass didn't break, though, that was lucky. but it was weird. it was so obviously a purposeful act, and then she acted like it was an accident and went on and on.

oh blah blah blah. who cares. more another day. xo

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