Thursday, March 31, 2011

get your eyes checked

i've been working at the club a lot, but nothing too exciting has happened. i've had some really good shifts, and one bad one, and now i'm down south again. yesterday i had a client who came while i was massaging his back. just out of nowhere, blew his wad, face down, into the table. then we had almost an hour left. it was boring. when he was, at long last, leaving, i told him he looked like a thinner james gandolfini (who i actually find to be incredibly sexy)(this guy wasn't that sexy. but the resemblance was STRIKING). he appeared to be very offended and goes, "tony soprano?! usually people tell me i look like rob lowe." at first i thought he was kidding, i mean this guy looks as much like rob lowe as i look like cindy crawford. which is to say NOT AT ALL ALIKE. but then i realized he was serious so all i could say was, "oh yeah! i can see that!" HILARIOUS.

the next time someone tells me i look like katy perry, i'm going to get super offended, look at the person like they're crazy, and say, "huh! well! usually people say tyra banks."

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