Thursday, October 15, 2009

busy busy businesswoman

well. let's see. i haven't written in quite some time, i'll try to catch up here and then be better about writing.

last week after i wrote on tuesday, i didn't work at all for the rest of the week except to drop in for one client, a super nice persian man who looked A LOT like my brother's dad. (i come from a huge family where everyone has a different deadbeat dad. we all grew up together, a big pack of ragamuffins raised by our exhausted, frazzled mom.) anyway this guy looked SO MUCH like my the dad of one of my brothers. it was an uncanny resemblance, actually. he even had the same accent. whoa.

then i worked on getting my house in order for a couple days. and i had a friend/ex-girlfriend come into town to visit. she's still here, actually. it's been stressful, to say the least. going to work has felt like my only escape from the tension and negativity that we are cultivating in the place of our love. so i've worked a lot this week.

on sunday i saw a few clients, none of them particularly noteworthy. and if they were noteworthy i just totally don't remember. this is what happens when you don't write!

then on monday i worked again. i saw only two clients but hung out at the house all day. i wanted time to myself to read and chill out. even when things were going really well between me and this ex-girlfriend, there were always a few problems, and one of them was my reading addiction. it feels REALLY IMPORTANT to me to keep up on my reading. there are so many books in the world that even if i read all day, every day i still wouldn't get through all the good ones. and i find reading to be relaxing and exciting. it keeps my mind sharp and my vocabulary playful. i love to sip a glass of wine or tea and just park my ass in one spot and read all day or night.

the problem is that girlfriends like you to be more interactive. i've never had a girlfriend who would just let me read. it's always, "let watch a movie," or "can't we talk?" i love talking and i love hanging out and being close, but i also love spending quiet time without feeling like i'm neglecting somebody.

so. anyway. i wanted to read for a bit and the house was quiet (it RARELY is, now that the girls are back from their vacation) so i stayed for a couple extra hours and stretched out on the couch with my book.

then i didn't work on tuesday.

yesterday was wednesday and i was SUPER busy. i talked with the girl who runs the new place where i work (let's call her taylor) and asked whether i could run a special. she suggested i run a $150 special, of which the house keeps $50. i felt like that was pretty generous and totally rad. i've never run such a cheap special before and it totally got my phone ringing.

my first client was a man i've seen before. he knows i like to read and we share one of the same favorite authors (haruki murakami) so he brought me his favorite book by him, "norwegian wood." it's one of the few murakami books i have yet to read so i was stoked. i'm going on a short vacation next week to my hometown and i plan to sit all day in a cozy cafe and eat that book whole.

then i saw what i like to call a "Busy Businessman." one of my favorite types of client, the Busy Businessman wants a massage, sure, but mostly they want to be turned on quickly, ejaculate hugely, and then speed right on outta there. i used to get a little annoyed with their brusque manner, but then i realized that they view this session just like a haircut: necessary maintenance that should be good, but quick. (part of what led me to connect those dots is that guy after guy would mention that they were scheduling me after their haircut, or they wouldn't say anything but would show up with tiny little cut hairs on their necks.) so with these guys i'm sexy and time-efficient, and they hardly ever talk very much and neither do it. it's actually ideal.

my next client was also a BB. but he wasn't in finance like the first guy. he was a lawyer, and so inherently more talkative. but he was nice. he was black and had a truly GIGANTIC cock. the things you hear are true: black guys do indeed (mostly) have giant cocks. i have seen literally THOUSANDS of cocks and so i can tell you this with authority. this guy was nice, and i really liked his shirt.

then my regular, the chef guy. remember last time i said his hands didn't smell oniony? well this time the reallllllllly did again. it's kind of a gross combo with the cum smell. it's like... i don't even want to draw a comparison to anything, i'll just tell you it's a yucky combo and you can take my word for it. this guy's really nice, though. i like him a lot. i asked him to bring me something to eat next time.

i'm not working today. just gonna make some autumn outfits. i went shopping between clients yesterday but came home empty handed. i hardly saw anything i liked, and when i did see things i liked i felt oddly cheap. it's terrible! as a result of this excessive picky frugalness, i don't have any clothes right now.

more another day. xo andi

p.s. i'm almost debt-free. when i started this job, i held almost $6000 in credit card debt, but now it's only $1500. woohoo!!!

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