Friday, October 2, 2009

i love this new place.

today i had an appointment with the older man i wrote about before, the one who has more body hair than i've ever seen on anyone, ever. he's really really nice, though, so when he called i picked up and we set up an appointment for 11am. this guy is kind of classy. he owns a luxury car dealership. he dresses simply, but his clothes are well-chosen and scream of quality. today he was wearing a pale yellow shirt that i guessed was from thomas pink. a quick label check when he was in the shower confirmed this hunch. i love thomas pink. it always reminds me of this girl i used to adore who had shirts from there.

i think i should call this guy something, we'll call him paul.

paul's getting kinda old, as i mentioned before. while i was on vacation in austin, he called me one day, and i didn't pick up. so he called back. i figured he was just going to keep calling over and over, some people hate leaving messages, so i picked up. i told him i was on vacation. he said, "oh, well good for you honey. that's nice. sorry to bother you." i told him it was no bother and that i 'd give him a call when i got back. and then a few minutes later he called again. i didn't pick up, but then he called AGAIN so i picked up. "well hello andi," he said. "i was wondering whether you might be taking appointments today." i was kind of surprised. he hadn't seemed senile when i'd seen him. anyway, i said, "oh hi paul. i'm still on vacation. we just spoke, do you remember?" he seemed embarassed, then, and i figured he probably be too sheepish to call me for an appointment again.

but then today he called. so that's good.

our session was fine, i just had to coach myself through not minding his excessive amounts of hair. paul's so nice and i don't find him to be gross, so his hair became a lot less gross to me today than it was last time. plus, he smells good and when i asked him what his cologne was he said, "chanel. for men." i thought that was cute.

paul tipped $60 again. sweet.

then i didn't have any appointments for a while. at the old place, i would've been stuck in that dingy grody apartment, doing laundry all day and dealing with the two terrible troll pimps. but this place where i work now is SO MUCH NICER!!! i went down to the basement and worked out in the gym. and then my co-worker and i laid by the pool for a couple of hours. it didn't feel terrible and annoying not to be working, it felt GREAT! it was sunny and hot and we just relaxed and chatted and sunned ourselves.

then she had a 3:30 and i was supposed to have a 4 o'clock but mine cancelled. and since at this new place i'm free to leave whenever i choose, i got on my bike and came home. ate an early dinner, had a short nap. and then i got a call for an hour and a half session at 6:30. i was into being home, but another thing that's cool about this new place is that if you have a 1.5 hour session, you still only have to pay $70. so it would've been stupid not to take this guy.

i biked back up to the spot, and got there a little early. my co-worker rachel (the one i hung out with at the pool) had found this huge picture of me in the weekly newspaper and hung it up on the wall. so cute.

i saw my client. he was a really good looking young guy, probably about 35. cute fashion, nice hair, great manners. the only bad thing about him was that it took him ten million years to come. but at least he knows that about himself and books an hour and a half instead of an hour. after i massaged him ETC, he took a shower and i changed the sheets because he wanted to give me a massage. his hands were big and very strong and he had good massage intuition. what a treat. i briefly entertained the idea of having him give me an "ending." but i had already faked an orgasm earlier when i let him rub my clit, and then i didn't want to have a real one with him. plus, i don't really want to get into all that with clients. it was a brief, passing thought.

and now, i'm home. i'm supposed to meet a friend for a cocktail but i'm getting super drowsy.

goodnight, readers. if you exist.

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