Saturday, October 24, 2009


i'm back from vacation. it was pretty mellow.

i went in to work yesterday and it was such a crowded madhouse. like five girls and makeup everywhere and just TOO MUCH. i could have had a million appointments but the schedule was booked solid. i did get to squeeze two in, though, so that's good.

my first client was a regular who i haven't seen in a while. i've written about him before, he's super tall and our conversations almost always end up being about his wild trips to vegas. i like him a lot. he brought me a bottle of wine, i thought that was a sweet thing to do. i'm such a lightweight that by the end of our session i had drank ONE glass of wine and felt drunk. maybe it's because i ran yesterday?

my next client was also a regular. he's really good-looking and has cute style. i'm always surprised when he shows up in these understated but superb outfits. i don't know why i'm so surprised, maybe i just expect most straight dudes to have boring fashion? i like his attention to detail, his clean lines, and his tiny bit of flair. plus he's really polite which goes a long way in my book.

then it was late and the house had quieted down. it was just me an other girl whose teeth are always purple from drinking so much wine. i feel like wine is the drink of choice among massage girls or something? remember lily? (she'd drink AT LEAST a bottle of wine per shift.)
so. i hung out with this girl for a bit, while i cleaned up. i had another glass of wine, myself, and then i really felt sleepy. i went home and tried to work on the quilt i'm making but then i remembered it was friday so i watched my favorite show online--"medium." it's not a very good show, i totally know this, but i thoroughly enjoy it anyway. mostly because i have such a crush on patricia arquette. WHAT A BABE. she's one of those people who just gets hotter and hotter as the years go by. MEOW!

today it's super sunny out and i'm going to work for just an hour then to a fun thing in the park. xo

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