Saturday, October 31, 2009


i know i keep saying this, but i really really love the new place where i'm work. the only thing i miss about the old place was that being required to sit around ALL DAY in that dank old dump was really good for my blogging. i'd just sit and write all day between clients. now i'm free to come and go as i please and it's great but i need to make time for writing, too. kind of like in middle school how i'd have all my best ideas for drawings during math class, but then in art i'd sit in front of a blank page and stare off into space. time and time management are such bizarre things.

this week i didn't work much because i got another freelance job doing styling and sewing for a clothing commercial. it was grueling work and the woman i was working for was kind of a bitch, but it was nice to make money using a different skill set than the one i have been employing. the thing that's good and bad about these freelance jobs is that you get a day rate, so in the best case scenario you get $350 per day and end up getting your work done in a couple hours and then sitting around reading magazines with the hairstylist. the worst case scenario is that you get $350 and end up working your fingers to the bone for ten or eleven hours. (oh and they need you at 7am tomorrow!) but overall, it's pretty great. there aren't many jobs where you make $350 per day, especially ones where you aren't naked.

i was back at work yesterday and i was so busy it was like a dick-yank-athon. i saw a new guy who was really rad. and then i ended up seeing that little grouch i wrote about before!!! i forgot to save any pertinent information about him in my phone besides his name. so when he called, he came up as someone i'd seen before but that's it. he has a very non-memorable name, too. anyway my bad. but the thing is, he was super nice this time around. i am thinking i may have mis-interpreted his general social ineptitude as rudeness. he's very stilted and awkward, but did seem to enjoy my company. hmm... anyway this happens sometimes where i decide someone sucks, forget to save them in my phone that way, and then they surprise me by coming back and being really nice.

my favorite co-worker was working yesterday too. i know i've talked about her before, but i don't think i've given her a name. let's call her... stacy. i like that one!!! yes, stacy. she kinda looks like a stacy. maybe more like a staci. no, let's keep the Y. STACY. she's tiny and tan with long blonde hair and big fake tits. we have very similar bodies besides the tits. and my ass is much bigger. :) but like, small frames, tiny waists. etc. i really really like this girl, she's so sweet.

anyway stacy was working yesterday and we always love it when we have the house to ourselves. when the house is busy with girls, stacy gets overwhelmed and goes to sit in the stairwell. i'll find her there sometimes, eating a sandwich or smoking weed. yesterday stacy went to get us some food. she brought back eggrolls and coconut soup. she was coughing a little and eating the coconut soup so i didn't have any, but i did have a couple of greasy eggrolls which were QUITE tasty. well a little bit later stacy got sick. she says the soup hadn't tasted quite right, but that she thought it was okay. i'm really glad i didn't eat any.

hmm... what other boring details can i share...

i'm working today but just for a little bit. it's halloween so i'm going to wear some cat ears. i wonder if a little black cat-nose will be too much? i mean, people's boners can be kind of touch-n-go.

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