Monday, October 26, 2009

papercuts are the worst.

oh jeez i worked SO MUCH on saturday. i can't even remember who i saw. the one thing i DO remember about is that i got CUM in my PAPERCUT, which caused me to FREAK OUT!!! i didn't even know i HAD a papercut till i felt the sting of cum in it. blech. kind of scary. but most likely totally fine.

well yesterday the papercut go to heal up and so i'm going back to work today. i'm going to lay by the pool if i get a chance, too. gotta work on my tan!


  1. Whenever you have a papercut or any other cut, just swipe on some clear nail polish to temporarily keep out any of the inevitable juice. He'll never know, it'll actually help you heal faster, then you won't have to be in panic mode. Of course that doesn't help for the ones you didn't know about; those papercuts are sneaky little devils.

  2. oh! what a good idea. thanks.

    also, here's my trick for finding papercuts: rub a lemon wedge on your hands, and where it stings there's a cut. i don't do this very often since my life has become somewhat paperless. but that's a good lil trick if you're office working by day and touching dicks by night, i guess. :)