Friday, November 12, 2010


OMG i'm so tired but it's hard for me to sleep sometimes right when i get home from work. so i will say hello to you, dear blog reader, and write a bit.

tonight was okay. the club was sort of dead but one of my regulars came in (the really short italian guy) and wanted 20 dances, so i ended up doing okay. it's kind of a lot of time to spend with one guy, especially someone with such a short little lap area, but he's really nice and i do like not having to trawl around for dances while he's there. after he already bought 15 dances, i was on stage and i saw him in the corner, eating a burrito. i hoped he would still be eating it when i got off stage so i could just duck in the dressing room and avoid having to dance for him post-burrito. but he polished it off just in time and then wanted a few more dances before calling it a night. i dislike dancing for people who have recently eaten mexican food. his breath was intense, plus he burped twice and i thought i might throw up. somehow i got through it, though, and then i was $100 richer. so.

there's this guy who comes in and asks for me right when he steps in the club. he'll just come in and holler at the bartender, "is andi here?" i'm told if he asks for me and i'm not there, he'll just turn right around and leave. he's never bought a dance from me, but likes to sit at the rack at the very end of the night and throw handfuls of ones onstage while saying, "you're so beautiful andi! i love you andi!" he has a hilarious voice. kind of nasal and comedian-like. and loud. i assumed that he had suffered a head injury, but according to my co-worker, he's just a character. anyway he came in tonight and yelled his adoration. he gets on everybody's nerves but i like him a lot.

a trio of hot butch girls came in. i hadn't ever seen them before. they turned out to be from new york. i always want hot people to be great tippers, but they almost never are. these girls were no exception. they sat at the rack and tipped a dollar each per song, and that's totally fine. just unimpressive. it's the short, the round, the dorky loners who make the best customers. well, and the foxy businessmen. but young dyke hipsters? terrible.

hmm. what else. nothing really. i'm getting drowsy, i might be able to fall asleep! goodnight.

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